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Koishi's Journal
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Sunday, May 13th, 2007
2:38 pm
Sunday, April 15th, 2007
11:39 pm
The Japanese character for gei (芸) means "art" and sha (者) means "person" so the word geisha literally means "a person of the arts". In fact, geisha are performers who are skilled in many traditional Japanese arts including nihon-buyoh (Japanese dance), music (singing accompanied by a three stringed instrument, called shamisen), sadoh (tea ceremony), ikebana (flower arrangement), shodoh (calligraphy), poetry, the art of kimono, etiquette, conversation and social graces. It takes geisha many years of training in each of these arts in order to become proficient.
Children from poorer backgrounds were offered by their families for geisha training. They lived with a housemother, who had to be repaid for her investment. The geisha's career was dependent on their talent, and then on finding a rich patron to sponsor them, which relieved the housemother of the burden of their care.
Before they were allowed to perform, they had to undergo a ceremony when they turn twenty called eriage (which means "changing the collar") as a transition into their next stage in life.

The profession of the geisha arose in the 1600s, during Japan's Edo period (1601-1868), when Japan was at peace and developing entertainment quarters with restaurants and tea houses (ochaya). The first geisha actually were men (sometimes known as hōkan, more commonly known as taikomochi), who were not the cross-dressers of their day but the only gender allowed to entertain. Gradually, women (originally known as onna geisha, literally "woman geisha") were permitted to do so, but only in government- regulated districts (Hanamachi). Female geisha were prohibited from engaging sex with customers; that was the job of the yujo, women of pleasure (licensed prostitutes). By 1800 male geisha gradually began to decline, female geisha outnumbered them by three to one, and the term "geisha" came to be understood as referring to skilled female entertainers, as it does today.

Women Geisha don't marry for they don't believe in love. They think it's an irrational feeling, and instead often become an owner of their own okiya, and serve as an okasan, training new girls in the arts of geisha.
Older geisha often adopt younger geisha as a sort of apprentice to train them and introduce them to many people so they have contacts for later use in life. The "older sister" is responsible for helping the newly named geisha to become as famous and experienced as she can be.



Futon: Soft foldable mattress.

Hakama: Long, pleated pants, worn over kimono.

Hanamachi: A hanamachi (花街) is a Japanese geisha district.
The word's literal meaning is "flower town". Such districts would host various Okiya (houses of Geisha) and ochaya (tea houses, where geisha do most of their entertaining). Nowadays, the term "hanamachi" refers to the areas where modern-day Geisha are still operating.

Kimono: Robe-like japanese garment.

Momiji: Maple. [kao ni momiji wo chirasu = to change colour, to blush]

Ochaya: Tea house. This is where geisha entertain their customers.

Okasan: Mother. Geisha also call the mistress of their okiya, okasan.

Okiya: House where geisha live with their Okasan.

Sake: Japanese rice wine.

Senpai: Senior.

Sensei: Teacher.

Tatami: Traditional Japanese floor coverings made from straw.

Yukata: Cotton kimono worn at night or in summer months.



"Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden

"Geisha, A Life" by Mineko Iwasaki

"Geisha" by Liza Dalby

"Women of the Pleasure Quarters" by Lesley Downer

"Geisha: A Living Tradition" by Kyoko Ahara
11:24 pm
[fic] 芸者 Geisha (PiKame)

Title: Geisha
Author: Koishi and Kitt
Pairing: PiKame (main)
Genre: AU
Lenght: oneshot 
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: they belong together <3
Summary: Edo about 1850, the decline of old Japan and the destiny of two boys.
A/N: Unbeta-ed.  English isn't our native language so forgive any mistakes, please.  For this fic the authors got inspiration from the movie "Sayuri", the drama "Byakkotai" and all the photoshots where Tomohisa and Kazuya wore japanese traditional clothes. Historical background, glossary and bibliography.

"Mother, why I have to go away?"
"Tomohisa, you will be happier in the capital. If you stay here you won't have other future than to live as a farm worker. You deserve a better life." She said stroking her son's black hair.
The boy fell silent. "Go to sleep now, dear".
The day after they woke up early in the morning. It was quite a long trip from their village to Edo.

Every year on the spring equinox day new geisha apprentices were chosen by the okiya's owners of Kagurazaka.

There was already a remarkable line in front of the house of lady Higashiyama.
Many parents were crying because their children were rejected.
That woman was very strict, she only chose one boy per year to train.
Tomohisa's mother sighed and, adjusting his son's yukata, silently prayed again the gods.
When it was their turn lady Higashiyama looked at the kid and said simply: "Say goodbye to you mother quickly then come in, little boy."
He nodded with sadness in his big black eyes. He hugged the woman beside him and whispered in her ear: "Mother, I'll do my best to become a famous geisha so I'll be able to send you enough money that you won't need to work anymore in the rice fields."
Only when his son disappeared behind the wooden sliding doors she wiped away the tears she was holding back.


One year later.

Tomohisa was peering curiously through the sliding doors at the people waiting outside.
Among them there was a tanned man holding the hand of a tiny child with short brown hair, pouty lips and brown almond shaped eyes.
At first sight one couln't say if those delicate features belonged to a boy or a girl.
As they approached the skillful eyes of lady Higashiyama glimpsed.
She turned to the man smiling: "You leave him in good hands."

The little boy followed the woman inside. She led him to a small room where another boy was laying down a futon on the tatami floor.
"You will stay here with Tomohisa. He is ten years old. What's your name?"
"And how old are you?"
"I'm nine years old."


It was a gray afternoon...he remembered so well... it was the rain that can't stop to fall over their heads, he glanced at his father once again... he would ask again why they have to leave the security inside their house at this hour... but neither the cries from his mother...or the silence of his father gave him any answers...

They walked a lot... his little feet hurt a little... and his wirst pulsed from the strong hold his father's hand grip it... but he didn't say a word... like always...he was a shy kid...even his brothers took turns to laugh at him, and made jokes about how timid he was....but he couldn't help it....besides his mother always said that he can't do what his brothers do cause his weak constitution...

-...we have no options...

It was the last thing his parents said before his mother began to cry holding against her breast his little brother...

...she didn't look back....

Kazuya remained silent the whole time...and soon they stopped...it was a huge house....he felt again the strong grip on his wirst... but again he didn't make a sound...

A beautiful lady brought him inside a room, while he glanced back at his father... the old man just smiled at him... and he just followed the lady...

In his young years, he didn't understand that was a goodbye...

There was another boy in the room... he looked at him... and then at the room... he was confused... but again... he didn't ask anything...

The boy stared at him... he had black eyes... and in some way his soft feautures made him feel more relaxed...

"You will stay here with Tomohisa. He is ten years old. What's your name?"
"And how old are you?"
"I'm nine years old."


The lady left the boys alone.

"Nice to meet you Kazuya!" Tomohisa smiled and bowed at the younger one.
"We better get ready for bed. Practices begins very early in the morning. Tomorrow I will introduce you to our senpai Hideaki-kun and Tsubasa-kun. Your futon is ready, but let's take a bath first or lady Higashiyama will scold us".

Kazuya had a strong sentiment to be of out place in that precise moment... that the only thing he did was bow respectfully too... and followed his..."senpai"... actually he didn't know exactly why he was there... but then the soft voice of his guide spoke again...

-...and here is the practice room... we have our dance classes there... oh, here we are...

Suddenly he felt one arm around his shoulders...

-...smell it ... I love the fragance she uses...


-oh... lady Higashiyama... the woman you met before... she is our teacher... she is so great... you will love her... I'm sure!

Tomohisa smiled widely and he smiled back... well that place wasn't bad at all... he sensed that he will have a good time...


Once in the bathroom Tomohisa smiled again at the confused expression of the smalller boy: "Probably you are not used to this kind of thing, ne? We have to clean ourselves properly before entering in the tub. You can undress. Do you mind if we bath together? ... the water will get cold otherwise... Kazuya? Maybe I'm talking too much!!".
The older one laughed and helped him to free himself from the clothes then began to rub his back with a soaped towel "You will sleep better after this warm bath".

Both the boys wore a white yukata for the night and slid under the covers of their futon.
"Good night!"
"Good night!"
Outside the rain continued to fall and the thunders raged in the dark.

Tomohisa heard the younger sob and noticed he was shivering. "Kazuya are you cold? ...Or are you afraid of the storm?".
Kazuya didn't answer but looked at him with watery eyes.
It was like a silent plea and Tomohisa took his tiny hand in his slightly bigger ones "Come here. Let's talk a little, ok?"
Kazuya nodded and helped himself in the older boy's bed.

"Tomohisa, what I am doing here? You said we will have dance classes tomorrow. Is this a dance school?"
"Sort of... in this house you will learn to become a geisha. Do you know what a geisha is?"

They chatted for a while and then they fell asleep.


Hideaki and Tsubasa were thirteen years old handsome boys.
They were the first two apprentices of Lady Higashiyama.
She took them in her house four years earlier when she decided to stop her own geisha's activity.
They were pretty good at dancing and she was pleased they got along well.

As they did the previous year with Tomohisa, they immediately took Kazuya into liking.
It was easy for the little boy to feel at ease with those kind and always smiling fellows.
They helped him to learn the rules of the house and correct his mistakes.


Lady Higashiyama was the youngest sister of a well-known male geisha and at the age of 20, after several years of training she had debuted as a geisha as well.
At that time, gradually male geisha were being replaced by female enterteiners.
After few years though, she quit her profession because she refused to submit to a protector.
She was proud of her indipendence and dismissed many wedding proposal too.
So she began to teach her art to young boys.

She was still rather young though she was pondering to design an heir to lead her okiya.
She didn't want the tradition to disappear completely.
Neverthless she sensed that Tomohisa and Kazuya could be her last apprentices.

She mastered the tea ceremony along with dance and the other disciplines now she was handing down to the four boys in her house.
In association with the tea ceremony in fact she taught them the way to arrange flowers according to the season and the occasion.

Lady Higashiyama ably played the shamisen but she didn't feel confident to teach it properly so she charged Doumoto Saburou to give a musical education to her apprentices.
Doumoto's family in fact had been for generations the most important holder of traditional music of their district.
Unfortunately Saburou hadn't got sons so he adopted two of his most gifted students who under his teaching had learned to play many instruments and sing as well.
Both came from the country of Kansai but weren't related at all. Even physically they were totally different, Koichi was thin and sinuous while Tsuyoshi was chubby and clumsy, but in the level of their skills they were alike.
One was witty, the other introvert. A charming fox and a nice badger. For their looks people of Kagurazaka's hanamachi called them Kitsune and Tanuki.

The young musicians helped Saburou with his lessons too.
They enjoyed in particular their time at Higashiyama's. Teaching in that house was never boring.
Sometimes after the music or vocal classes they had their meals with their pupils.


As Tomohisa predicted, Kazuya was immediately fascinated by their teacher.
Moreover he was a quick learner and could easily learn by heart dance's steps and songs.
He put all his efforts to improve his techniques.

Day by day, gaining confidence in his abilities, Kazuya replaced his shyness. That was reflected in his fierce gait.
He talked and laughed with everybody, still he got a weak point.
When it was only the two of them he clinged to Tomohisa.


The older boy already set two futon on the floor for the second night Kazuya was spending there.
"I am sorry. I bothered you last night..."
"There's no need to apologise. It's sad to sleep alone. So... whenever you want to..." he gestured with his arms to join him.
"Are you sure? Because... tonight..."
"No problem Kazuya, we can share the bed again!" Tomohisa smiled.
The younger mirroring that expression accepted the invitation immediately.
"Thank you!"
The taller one tucked the cover in "Anytime..."


It became a ritual for the boys. After the daily routines they took the bath together and at night, beside Tomohisa, Kazuya recollected his strenght.
As the cosy calmness of the other boy could recharge him.
On the other hand Tomohisa liked that kid from the very beginning.


The years passed pretty quickly.

When Hideaki and Tsubasa turned twenty everybody in the house was busy to prepare their "eriage".
They were finally debuting as geisha.
For the occasion their teacher settled the most famous ochaya of their district, the Bird tea house.
Tomohisa and Kazuya were allowed to attend the first public performance of their senpai because lady Higashiyama made them help in the ochaya serving drinks to the guests.
"You will be able to watch the show and the people at the same time. Remember that not everything can be taught in class; you can ofter learn by observing with attention the world around you".
All the bystanders were delighted. Hideaki and Tsubasa danced, sung, played the shamisen and showed their sense of humor during the conversation.
Their rendering was a success and they quickly got many requests from several tea houses.
From now on they could start to repay lady Higashiyama for her age-old care.
And she was very complacent.


Hideaki and Tsubasa became soon renowned geisha and their daily schedule was really busy.
They often performed together, though it also happened them to do solo shows.
Since they worked hard they liked to spend their free time at home resting or practicing archery.

During his eighteenth spring Tomohisa started to exercise regularly together with his senpai.
Kazuya tried it too but it was too hard for him to draw the string of the long bow, so he preferred to draw on paper.
He liked a lot to sit on the veranda looking at his sempai who were training in the courtyard.
At the beginning he sketched the surroundings: plants, flowers, little animals.
Gradually he shifted on people, drawing caricatures first. He did a very funny one of their music teachers that made all laugh.

Then he focused on portraits and his favourite subject became his senpai.

His roommate in particular.
One morning he woke up earlier on purpose to capture on paper Tomohisa's features when he was still asleep.
Once finished he quickly hid his sketchbook and resumed his position in their futon.


They haven't lost the habit to sleep together, even in the calmest night. Their nocturnal conversations helped them to know each other and there weren't secrets between them.
When they woke up in the morning Kazuya always gave Tomohisa a warm smile and the latter liked a lot how the face of his young friend beamed.
He often rised up before him, afraid of being scolded by lady Higashiyama. They weren't kids anymore and lately he felt rather guilty to enjoy that company every night.
But Tomohisa couldn't help it, since that stormy night of eight years before, he knew he had to protect someone precious.

And sometimes he lingered in that unrenounceable embrace.

"It's a pity to wake them Hideaki. They are so cute!"
"I regret i too, Tsubasa. But what if Higashiyama-sensei finds them that way? I want to avoid a tragedy..."
Tsubasa smiled: "Do you think they are lovers? They seem still so innocent..."
Hideaki glared at him.
"I don't know... however it's not our business! As senpai I care for them and I don't want them to get into troubles."
The other suppressed a laugh "Don't be mad at me, please. We were almost their same age when ..."
Hideaki's tone softened "We were a couple of years younger than them..."
He kneeled down to shook the sleeping boys. "Hey! It's time to get up or you will miss the breakfast!"
They opened their eyes and got up. Tomohisa bowed embarassed "Thank you very much senpai".
He and Kazuya quickly combed their long hair and set them in a ponytail, then hurried to take their bowl of rice.


That morning Higashiyama-sensei spent two hours teaching them step by step one of the most complicated dance with the fans.
At the end of the tiring work she performed the dance completely.
The two boys gaped at her in awe.
"You had enough time to memorise all the sequence. It's your turn now. Let me see what you have learned today."
Tomohisa and Kazuya put all their efforts to remember the coreography.
The younger closed his eyes and he let the movements flow.
"Well done Kazuya" she congratulated "it seems you understood the essence of this dance!"
He bowed "Thank you Sensei!".
She approached the black haired boy. She toyed a little with the neckline of his kimono then rested her hands on his arms "Tomohisa, you are too stiff instead. Remember that the movements must be smooth. Practice more!"
"Yes, Sensei. I will." answered bowing.
Kazuya frowned at that odd scene.
"Today's lesson is over." They both bowed again as she left the room.
After the class Tomohisa noticed that Kazuya's face was clouded.
He just needed to gaze at the other and raise an eybrow to make him spill out.
"I don't like the way she looked at you and was all over you, invading your personal space..."
Tomohisa blinked.
"... unless you enjoy it!" Kazuya finished with a pout.
At that adorable pouty lips, Tomohisa couldn't help it and smiled widely.
Kazuya was not a shy and scared child anymore, but a possessive irresistible creature.
And without thinking he encircled his tiny waist with his arms and held him against his chest.
The smaller's body was tense and his head bent down.
Tomohisa gently pushed his forehead against the other's forcing him to look up directly in the eye.
He waited for Kazuya to speak again.
"You've always liked her... "
"It's true." At his statement he saw a sudden hurt in the younger's eyes and continued in a softer tone "But time brought me to like you more". Pronouncing those words Tomohisa caressed his smooth cheek.
Kazuya relaxed at his endear touch. He inhaled deeply closing his eyes and finally returned the hug with desperate strenght.
Tomohisa chuckled "... are you better?!?"
"Mmm... I think I'll be better after you would have taken a bath... you already smell like a polecat!" Kazuya said sniffing the other with faked disgust.
"...Eeh...?" The older one was surprised but amused by that change of mood and moking his friend's exaggered pantomine retorted: "The pot called the cattle black!"

Their laughters echoed in the practice room.


In the bathroom they ran the usual routine, helping to wash each other before immerse themselves in the warm water.
They wore their yukata for the night when Kazuya got closer his friend and imitated the teacher's gesture of that morning fluttering widely his eyelashes.
He moked her voice too "Tomohisa you are too stiff!". The taller one threw him a towel "Silly!"
They laughed hard again.

They headed for their bedroom still giggling.


"Ah! I forgot my towel in the bathroom. Be right back!"
Despite his words it took him a while to return to their room.
In the meantime Tomohisa opened their closet, took out a futon and unfolded it on the tatami. As usual they were going to share the same futon.
Afterwards he sat on the floor waiting.
Some minutes later Kazuya hurried himself in and closed the sliding door. He was flushed.
Tomohisa looked at him interrogatively and gestured him to sit down.
He sat near his friend and fidgeting with the wet cloth in his hands he began to narrate excitedly:"When I entered in the bathroom... the senpai were there...
Tsubasa-senpai was sitting on Hideaki-senpai's lap, facing him... at the beginning I thought they were playing and I was about to call them... when... they start to lick each other mouth... making a lot of strange noises!
I was so embarassed but I couldn't move and I kept looking at them. I left when they began to stroke each other..."
Kazuya fell silent. He could still feel his face on fire.
Tomohisa was bewildered. He cleared his throat "I think they were kissing... they seem to like each other a lot, ne?"
The younger boy nodded absently.
Realising that something was wrong he touched the younger's forehead "Kazuya, you are burning! I'm going to call someone..."
Kazuya shook his head and grabbed the other's arm. "No, maybe the water of the bath was just too hot."
Tomohisa took the still damp towel from his hands and moistened a little Kazuya's heated face.
"All right, but if tomorow morning you have a fever I will spank you! Let's go to bed now."
Tomohisa checked again the other's forehead. It was less warm.
Kazuya snuggled closer, kissed him lightly on the cheek and wished him goodnight before falling asleep.
Tomohisa was a little surprised at first, then hugged his tiny friend and kissing the top of his head whispered "Goodnight Kazuya."


The following day Kazuya was scolded few times during the dance classes.
"Kazuya, you are distracted! You forgot an important passage!"
"I'm sorry Sensei." he apologised.

The scene he saw in the bathroom the day before replayed in his mind incessantly.
Once in their room Tomohisa talked to him worriedly "Are you sick? You've never missed a step before..."

He wasn't paying attention to his friend's words, but only to the movement of his lips. They seemed so soft...
"...I would like to try at least once..." he whispered.
"What ... mmfm" Tomohisa felt an unexpected pressure against his lips.
Kazuya was trying to kiss him!
Tomohisa experienced a new sensation... all his blood headed for a particular part of his body...
His head spin and he couldn't think properly. He just froze in place not knowing what to do.
Kazuya , expecting another reaction, when he pulled away didn't seem satisfied "Maybe Sensei was right... you are too stiff! ...'night..." he yawned and pulled the covers over his head.


Tomohisa couldn't tell exactly what it was, but something was changing.
Since that infamous night, everytime Kazuya touched him he had an erection.
Especially in the morning, when his still sleeping companion draped his legs around his or rested his head in the crook of his neck.

Notwithstanding Kazuya seemed oblivious of his friend's turmoil, that accident affected his way to look at Tomohisa.

Despite they've practically grown together, both noticed the changes in their bodies.

Even bath together became awkward.

Whenever they were naked their eyes and hands lingered a little longer on the other's body.
Kazuya slowed his pace rubbing Tomohisa's broad shoulders while Tomohisa carefully lathered the perfectly shaped back and hips of his Kazuya.

Both desiring to prolong the intimate touches, more or less unconsciously.


Tomohisa continued to experience silently his hard-on trying his best to hide their evidence.
Then he decided to ask for counsel.

"Hideaki-senpai, forgive my bluntness but I need your help to understand what's happening to myself."
The older nodded "I listen to you."
"How do you know when you are in love? I mean... I think I like someone because when I'm close to this person ..." Tomohisa blushed "... a part of my body reacts of its own will..."
Hideaki's eyes went wide "... ehm, well, I think it's normal for a wealty young boy like you, to experience physical attraction... besides teacher is a beautiful woman..."
"Senpai, I'm not attracted by teacher..." he murmured while the shade of red on his face deepened its nuance "I... it's Kazuya's closeness that causes it."
Hideaki was speechless but managed to say "I see. ... And what about him?"
"I don't know... " Actually he did not know how Kazuya felt about him. He didn't dare to ask.
"If for you this is a big problem, the best thing you can do to solve it is talk to him about it." suggested his embarassed senpai patting his shoulder.
"Maybe I should... Thank you very much senpai. I'm sorry to bother you with my troubles." Tomohisa bowed and left.

Hideaki was mortified.
".... I wasn't prepared... I don't know if I gave him the right advice..."
"What are you babbling about Hideaki?"
"... I'm just thinking out loud..."
"Would you mind to enlight me, please?"
"... nothing... really..."
Tsubasa raised an eybrow and crossed his arms in front of his chest.
Hideaki let out an heavy sigh and spoke "Tomohisa confided me that he likes Kazuya..."
"This is wonderful! I'm so happy... we have to celebrate!" chirped Tsubasa hugging his lover.
"Why are you worried then?" he addedd looking at Hideaki's gloomy expression.
"... there's more... he said that he ... oh ... it's so embarassing... he's turned on everytime Kazuya touches him... so he asked me what to do about it..."
"... and of course you explained him how he can ... release, ne?" said Tsubasa with a simper.
"Eh? No, no, no... I suggested him to talk about it with Kazuya..."
Tsubasa shook his head incredulous "... I can't believe it... now, that poor boy has to figure it out himself..."
Hideaki sulked and his partner assaulted him and tickled him in the right spots.
"Stop it please!" he whined.
"No, I have to punish you!" was the answer of his amused torturer.


Everybody in their okiya assisted to the blossoming of Kazuya's beauty.
At nineteen he was stunning with his feminine-like frame, his unblemished skin, his shoulder lenght brown hair and above all his defiant look.

He had already some admirers among the neighbours, both males and females.
However all that attention did not affect him. He didn't seem interested in anyone.

Or better, no one else than Tomohisa.

One day the teacher caught Kazuya drawing a portrait of Tomohisa who was concentrated on shooting at the straw target. He was wearing only a large hakama under his exposed muscular torso.
It was almost impossibile not to notice his elegance and composure besides his handsome figure.

"Tomohisa has really ripened! It's time to pick that gorgeous fruit!" she voiced out.
Kazuya was startled and immediately put away his work. The teacher's words disturbed him. It was clearly visibile in his eyes.
And she noticed it.
From that moment on she took note of Kazuya's behaviour around the older boy.
How deep was their bond?
Comparing their relationship with the one of their senpai it looked like a deep but naiver tie.
Long time before she assumed that Hideaki and Tsubasa were a couple and frankly she didn't mind their complicity. They completed each other on stage. And it was all that mattered for her.
But how far Tomohisa and Kazuya went beyond friendly boundaries?
Where they following a similar path to their senpai?
She could hardly stand the familiarity they shared.
Could it be?
She had to admit to herself she had fallen for Tomohisa.

Tsubasa silently witnessed the scene and reported it to his partner.
"That woman is dangerous... I'm worried because I can't read her.
The thing I'm sure of, because I saw it myself, is her obsession with Tomohisa and her will to make Kazuya unconfortable.
She understood that something is going on between them and acts on purpose to hurt Kazuya.
Hideaki, the boys love each other and they will work it out together... I don't want her to torment our friends."
"Me neither. We have to find a way..."
Tsubasa sighed "They've grown up. Tomohisa is turning 20 and Kazuya 19. Their eriage is coming soon."


The teacher was jealous of the boys closeness, but she decided that Kazuya was ready to debut with Tomohisa, despite he was one year younger.
He was a natural.

For their debut lady Higashiyama adapted that complicated dance with fans she taught them years before.
During the rehearsal they practiced in the clothes she had chosen for their first public performance.
She made Kazuya wear a woman's long sleeved kimono.
Tomohisa was struck by the grace of Kazuya's sensual movements and his almost unearthy beauty.

The teacher's envy surged, but she raised him to become a geisha. And Kazuya met her expectations, undoubtedly.


The Bird tea house was crowded.
Lady Higashiyama thanked all the customers wishing them to enjoy the performance.
The boys were thrilled and their opening was greeted by a roar.
Both of them exuded sexiness and everybody voiced out their assent.
Among the public Tomohisa noticed a man in his late forties whose eyes were glued all the time on Kazuya.

As the show ended said man walked to them and spoke to lady Higashiyama.
"Excuse me. Let me introduce myself, I am Sato."
"Nice to meet you, sir Sato."
"I would like to congratulate with you milady. Your young artists are very well trained. They were awesome tonight."
"You are too good sir."
"Not at all. I was really impressed. Thank you for your hard work."
They bowed. Looking up Tomohisa recognised the distinguished man who attended their debut earlier that day.

"Tomohisa, Kazuya you can go to change your clothes".

"Milady, I would like to enjoy Kazuya's company."

"I see, you go straight to the point, sir. I regret to..."

He interrupted her. "Milady, I know the rules, so please, don't be offended by my request. I will pay any price you assess."

"Money is important when it comes to business, Sir, but a green fruit could make your mouth dry."

"Forgive me if I insist milady, but the boy's inexperience makes the deal only more appealing.
I promise you that I will be extremely careful with him and very obliged to you lady Higashiyama."

"Fine. I will arrange a private room at the nearby tea house Momiji."
An attendant understood her instruction at once.

Sato smiled satisfiedly "Perfect! Thank you, milady."

Tomohisa, exiting from the changing room, overheard the ending of that conversation.
The unaware Kazuya followed right after.

Lady Higashiyama informed him
"Kazuya, sir Sato asked for a private performance.
You will entertain him tonight at Momiji's."

The boy was confused but it was job, wasn't it?
"I'll do my best, teacher."

Tomohisa looked at him worriedly and gave the man a fretful glare when they left the Bird tea house.


An old woman accompanied them in a small room.
She brought sake and left the men alone.

"Would you like me to dance or sing something for you sir?" Kazuya asked timidly.

"I already appreciated your skills."
With a rapid movement Sato untied the belt of his kimono.
The silken fabric slid graciously from his shoulder revealing the boy's slender figure.
"You are beautiful."
The man grabbed him by the waist and tried to kiss him on the lips but Kazuya turned his head to avoid it, giving him better access to his slender neck instead.
He flinched as he felt the other's warm breath on his skin.
Sato looked at him reassuringly and caressed his tights.
Kazuya felt his heart pounding.
All his body was trembling.
The boy bit his lower lip and cursed himself because he was a scared fawn.
When did he lose all his self confidence?
He shut his eyes and tears rolled down his cheeks.
"I don't want to hurt you."
"Please, forgive my impoliteness Sir. I'll be quiet."
Sato was amazed.
"You are saying so because you don't want to disappoint your Okasan.
But you aren't scared only because it's your first time, are you?
You seem uncertain between your duty and your own real feelings...
Maybe there's already someone in your heart that you are fearing to lose conceding yourself to me?
That other boy perhaps?"
"Tomohisa" that name escaped naturally from his lips in a murmur.
"I think he has got feelings for you too... I saw those deep black eyes... you know, he would have killed me if he could!" he said amused.

Kazuya never thought before about his feelings towards Tomohisa. He always behaved istinctively with him.
Since the first time they met. He will never forget that curious and genuine gaze, that soft slightly nasal voice, those conforting arms.
He felt welcome and trusted him completely.
Now he knew. He was in love with Tomohisa.
At the realisation new salty drops fell from his eyes.

Sato acknowledged Kazuya's sentiments.
"I won't force you, I'm not that crude.
I really wish you to be mine, but you don't deserve to suffer only to please me.
You can go... and don't be afraid, lady Higashiyama will get her reward as we agreed."

The boy lifted himself on his knees and bowed gratefully. He quickly dressed again and said good-bye.
As Kazuya left the room, smiling to himself Sato raised his cup of sake and toasted "to the youthful love!"


Kazuya started to run.
Raindrops wet his kimono, he held his breath and run faster.


At the same time at the okiya lady Higashiyama called Tomohisa in her room.
She patted the cushion beside her "Sit here, please."
He sat down looking at her suspiciously.
She served him sake, but he didn't drink a sip.
"Tomohisa, you are a man now. I want to teach you the essence of pleasure." She said closing the distance between them.
The boy wrinkled his brows as she cupped his face and whispered "Your lips are so tempting... Do you know how long I've been waiting to do this?"
Their lips barely touched because he shoved her away.
She was shocked "Why? I'm not pretty enough? I'm too old for you? I don't understand..."
He shook his head "Teacher, I respect you very much. You are beautiful and I've always felt affection for you, but I can't... I'm sorry."
"It's because of him? Isn't it?"
He nodded "I'm sorry."
"I will cope with that. You can go..." she sighed.

In Tomohisa's mind and heart there was room only for Kazuya.
He was so afraid to lose him. That man seemed genuinely interested in his friend what if he would make Kazuya his lover, taking him away from him forever?
Only the thought was heartwrenching.

He needed to find him before it was to late.
He rushed outside in the pouring rain.

On the street he spotted the other boy running towards him and hastened to hug the younger tightly.

Kazuya felt finally safe in those arms.
"I am home."
Tomohisa was looking at him lovingly, dark strands plastered on that beautiful face so dear to him.
"Welcome home."
Kazuya tiptoed to place hesitantly his lips on the other's as he did already once.
This time Tomohisa responded to the kiss.

He ventured his tongue in the younger's mouth.
It tasted of salty tears melted with rain.

Tsubasa reached them holding an umbrella and exclaimed fondly "Come inside or you'll get a cold!"
Tomohisa held Kazuya's hand and followed their senior.

Hideaki was waiting for them.
"I prepared the bath."
"Thank you senpai!" Tomohisa smiled contently not letting go of Kazuya's hand.

Tsubasa hugged his lover from behind and nudged him "Hideaki, give him some useful advice this time, please!"


Let's hope you liked it *blush* 

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